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Homestar Runner Schools Wikipedia Selection. It mixes an absurdist sense of humor with references to s and s pop culture, notably video games, classic television and popular music. Although originally conceived as a book written for children, the site is perhaps most popular with youth and preteens, although it does have its share of young adults. Cartoons are nominally centered on Homestar Runner, a terrific yet unintelligent athlete. The series of cartoons in which the antagonist Strong Bad answers email from viewers, called Strong Bad Email , is the most prominent feature of the site. The site has also grown to encompass dozens of other characters. The site has been referenced in other media, such as the final episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , and has been reviewed in National Review. This reference article is mainly selected from the English Wikipedia with only minor checks and changes see www. See also our Disclaimer. The Homestar Runner logo.

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Since my core content is already well preserved on the Internet Archive, YouTube, and the original site, since the contextualizing information has been meticulously captured by dedicated fans and posted to the HR Wiki, and since the community remains active through the Homestar subreddit, doing the actual preservation work was in the end highly redundant. The work has been done and well. So instead, here is the intellectual exercise of how to organize the data were it to be captured and preserved by a different kind of organization: a major research university.

While the argument has been made for preservation by original order, homestarrunner. This folder contains the information that captures intellectual control of the materials contained in parts of the collection. The files in this section include:. Part 2: Primary Content. This folder includes the featured content from homestarrunner. Each of the individual folders for a primary video contains both a master copy of the video as well as a data file to accompany the imbedded metadata.

The Master Video file will be the best available copy of the most recent and accessible version, the least compressed; in short, the version from which future migrations should be made. The Data File will contain up-to-date curated content from the HR Wiki, plus additional information as relevant for each file. The Data Files will contain transcripts, references, links, Easter egg lists, and routing. Part 3: Secondary Content.

Everything else.

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originated from an online animation series called Homestar Runner. High quality wallpaper for each new label – Clock showing date and.

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own. Part seven in our seven-part “John is actually on vacation and misses you all so much that it makes his teeth hurt” series. I normally don’t do shameless plugs, but I would be a pretty poor humor columnist if I didn’t use my meager position to blatantly promote the things I like. For the uninitiated, Homestarrunner.

But it’s so much more. It’s really just a website that has wondeful, funny cartoons on it. In fact, I actually wrote a feature story about it for my college magazine a long time ago.

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The setup file will run through a standard Windows installation prompt, allowing you to select the installation directory. The stage takes elements and obstacles from the Bowser’s Castles found in several installments of the Mario series, with strong influence from Super Mario Bros. The game felt more challenging than other CoD games due The SMW Randomizer is an online tool coded by me and Authorblues that messes with a bunch of SMW’s data and changes a variety of things, including level order, tilesets, palettes, powerups a lot of things, basically; see the list from that thread for the older features.

For the version of this character, see Luigi Series Luigi Mario is a resident of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the younger brother of Mario.

Strong Bad shows us what it’s like when Homestar and Marzipan go on a date. Beware the lurking horrors!

Each week we pay homage to a select “Original Creator”—an iconic artist from days gone by whose work influences and informs today’s creators. These are artists who were innovative and revolutionary in their fields—bold visionaries and radicals, groundbreaking frontiersmen and women who inspired and informed culture as we know it today. This week: Homestar Runner. Cartoon Network is filled with animated shows like Adventure Time or The Amazing World of Gumball —cartoons that make knowing nods to popular culture and videos games and movies.

But these modern variants also owe a debt to the Flash animations that appeared on the web before its maturity into Web 2. The geeky pleasure of discovering something hidden on the website, along with its slapstick and satirical humor, made it a success story. Sales of T-shirts and sweatshirts provided the funding, and word-of-mouth was all the marketing it needed. According to a Wired article , the brothers even turned down the chance to take the series to TV, citing that it would turn their character-driven comedy into a gag fest.

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The Sundance award for longest sustained grin during absolute media chaos goes to director Craig Zobel. Joy is hard to come by this far into the marathon-like festival. Zobel tries to resist unraveling Z for Zachariah, an adaptation of Robert C. Starring Margot Robbie The Wolf of Wall Street , Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Chris Pine, the film focuses on three strangers whose lives become entangled as they spring back from a poisonous apocalypse.

As they harvest crops, scavenge for supplies, and construct a Swiss Family Robinson— style waterwheel generator, emotion takes over.

A Nice Guy Finishes First: From ‘Homestar Runner’ to David Gordon Green Confidant to ‘Z for Zachariah,’ Director Craig Zobel Rises Above the.

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Original Creators: Surreal Animation Homestar Runner

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Cast Homestar Runner (Homestar Runner) Strong Bad (Homestar Runner) franchise from its origins to today by listing every single Mario game to date. 子供の希望で「E3こまち」と「EH金太郎」です Online casinos.

A dragon drawn by Strong Bad on Homestarrunner. Strong Bad Email. It’s basically anything that’s really cool that you don’t know how it works. And if it breaks, you have to buy a new one. Strong Bad goes fishing. Also happens to be one of my personal favorite emails. For more, go to Strong Bad!! Strong Bad makes me feel like i’m 16 again.

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Anne T. Donahue September 20, The bit part of the Homestar Runner empire saw four stick-figure teens navigating the ins and outs of late adolescence for a minute or two every few weeks. But, alas, here we are. Especially because I like most people on earth am quite busy.

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Check it out! I’m vulnerable and should be updated. What are you doing, man? This is horse giblets! I’m talking about the situation, man! Like, what we breathe. The thing what creates us all.

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Neither do I. But I do remember the not-quite-so-old days, when the Internet was young and everyone waited for each new Homestar Runner. Look for new material by autumn. Really, the world just keeps getting better and better.

Doug Camilli: Homestar Runner plans Strong comeback read and ran around outside, instead of just playing GTA, surfing porn, and stalking their teachers online? They’ve been dating, on and off, for almost three years.

Custom Search. Homestar runner dating service. Nov 16, Marzipan broke up with Homestar , but she didn’t break his spirit. Or his ability to drink dozens of cold ones in a single sitting. The amazing Guardian co uk online dating. Mass effect dating options. Chris pratt dating history. The atlantic hookup culture. Aug 7,

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