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Within Chinese culture , romantic love and monogamy was the norm for most citizens. This implies that the wedding ceremony is typically performed in the evening, which is deemed as a time of fortune. In Confucian thought, marriage is of grave significance to both families and society, as well as being important for the cultivation of virtue. Traditionally incest has been defined as marriage between people with the same surname. From the perspective of a Confucian family, marriage brings together families of different surnames and continues the family line of the paternal clan. This is generally why giving birth to a boy is preferred over a girl. Therefore, the benefits and demerits of any marriage are important to the entire family, not just the individual couples. Socially, the married couple is thought to be the basic unit of society. In Chinese history there have been many times when marriages have affected the country’s political stability and international relations.

7 Strange Facts About The History Of Matchmaking

Matchmakers would then take the yang clan and six etiquettes. There is the word xiangqin commonly translated as. Translators are originated from complex ancient phenomenon. Paper umbrellas are in a matchmaker’s introduction and sites that we use. From traditional chinese parents, marriage customs have their sons already subscribed to be connected by parents still be connected by xi’an-chengdu high-speed railway.

Matchmaking. In ancient times matchmaking was an essential part of a marriage. Elders along with professional matchmakers would ponder over the pros and.

This August 31 is National Matchmaking Day. In the modern sense, matchmaking tends to refer to the apps and sites that we use to do the dirty work of sorting out suitors; but for much of human history, the matchmaker was a person. Choosing a life partner was often viewed as far too complicated a decision for young people on their own, and from Aztec civilization to ancient Greece and China, their elders often women intervened to make sure they had the “right” kind of suitor.

So far, so traditional; but matchmaking throughout human history has had its irreverent moments. How about a ritual biannual orgy, holy sparrow’s eggs, or tests involving kindness to camels? The matchmaker as a figure appears often in popular culture; think of Fiddler On The Roof ‘s ” Matchmaker, Make Me A Match ,” or Mulan ‘s disastrous encounter with a snooty matchmaker who declares she’ll never bring her family honor ironically enough, of course.

The stilted, often slightly bizarre photos of potential brides that result were satirised by Japanese modern artist Tomoko Sawada in her OMIAI series, in which she appears as thirty different “options” for Japanese lovelorn men. If you are still looking for love, today’s matchmakers often involve algorithms and left-swipes rather than in-person interviews though that also still exists , but there might be a charm in going back to more traditional times.

Except for the ones involving shooting guns in the air. The matchmaker, or shadchan, remains an important figure in some Orthodox Jewish communities , and has a pretty ancient lineage: the first example shows up in Genesis in the Bible, and is performed by a dude.

Ancient Chinese Marriage Customs

By: Avery Pritchard. Most common gods that they worshipped were the sky god and weather god, China worshipped the natural forces. Each family in China worshipped their ancestors. Most people that practiced this religion believed that all ancestors wanted to be treated like gods when they passed away. In b.

China’s institutional matchmaking tradition stretches back more than 2, years, to the first imperial marriage broker in the late Zhou dynasty.

The Matchmaker is responsible for arranging marriages and evaluating potential brides and grooms. Thus, she holds a great deal of influence, as women of the time are believed to uphold family honor only by marrying and bearing children especially boys. She has a reputation for being short-tempered and imposing.

She is described by one woman as being very impatient, and she also seems to be very strict and harsh. In the second film, Ling describes her as also being “smug and snooty. The Matchmaker appears at the beginning of the film. She calls Mulan to be the first of the candidates and immediately scolds the girl for speaking without permission which causes Grandmother Fa to remark on the woman’s harsh attitude.

Inside, she puts Mulan through a series of evaluations. She first notes that Mulan is “too skinny”, which is supposedly not good for bearing sons.

[Changes of marriage age in ancient China]

Ever since ancient times, there has been a popular saying in China that the three most delightful moments in one’s life come with success in the imperial examination, marriage and the birth of a son. During this period, the importance of getting married was far more than that a person found his better half. For the male side, it determined the prosperity and even the future fame of their family; while for the female side, it meant that parents lost the chance of seeing their daughter for a long time.

Semantic Scholar extracted view of “Romance with Chinese Characteristics. An examination of the evolution of matchmaking in China” by Tómas Örn Snorrason. Ancient China’s Myths and Beliefs. Allen, Tony, Phillips Charles; North.

Content created: File last modified:. Procursus: Here follows the text of a conference paper in which I summarized my research related to the tradition of marriage brokering in China, both in the past, and up to the time of the conference. Insofar as possible, the text here is configured like the original conference paper. Footnotes, for purposes of web page presentation, are inserted into the text shortly after the point of citation.

Chinese characters are returned to simplified form red , since the research was largely conducted in mainland China. However for names of people or places in Taiwan, they are also provided in traditional form blue.


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The first step of engagement in ancient Chinese marriage – comparing vital information of of the possibility of a match, which was initiated by the matchmaker.

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Wedding Customs & Rituals in China

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Advanced Search. Weddings in ancient China were a grand affair, and ancient Chinese marriage customs were rich in tradition, with a lot of ingrained practices and beliefs. Because of such superstitions, many families will go through a lengthy process to find a suitable bride for their son. The betrothal letter is then followed up by a Gift Letter, which outlines specific gifts that the couple are requesting for their wedding should their marriage be approved.

As for the six etiquettes, they encompass the proposing, birthday matching, betrothal gifts, wedding gifts, choosing the wedding date, and the ceremony itself. If the proposal was successful, however, the matchmaker usually a woman would be rewarded with gifts. The Chinese zodiac would play a definite role here in giving the final say. This was considered the most important etiquette of the whole process of engagement. The wedding ceremony would begin with the groom and his party meeting the bride in her home.

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Gong Haiyan: China’s number one matchmaker

I accept the Privacy Policy. Given that China is a country range over a vast land region, the wedding customs and rituals surely varies from regions, religions and ethnics. What to prepare before a Chinese wedding? What to do during a Chinese wedding? What to do after a Chinese wedding? Condition, wealth, educations, zodiacs and social status would be taken into consideration when a considerable match was happening.

Did you know that the Disney movie is based on an ancient Chinese tale of a is training with a matchmaker who knows how to prepare girls to be the docile.

Participants play games during a matchmaking event in Jinze ancient town in Qingpu. The singles aged between 22 and 40 years also tasted Jinze specialties such as Zhuangyuan top scholars in the highest imperial examinations cake. And they accomplished a number of tasks on bridges such as Puji Bridge and Ruyi Bridge in the ancient town. I am a little bit shy and I want my future partner to be sincere and wholehearted. The venue of the matchmaking at Jinze Art Center features several traditional crafts such as dye works, purple clay, garment sewing, thangka and colored glaze.

During the event, a WeChat mini program inviting people to experience bridges in the Yangtze River Delta Ecology and Greenery Integration Demonstration Zone was launched, kicking off a two-month activity. Residents and tourists are invited to obtain an e-map of bridges in the zone via the mini program, visit bridges and upload their photos of these ancient bridges. It is part of the Yangtze River Delta region integration events, and is on the list of the Shanghai Tourism Festival to be held in September.

The activity will last till October Singles build bridge to find love at ancient town matchmaking event

Traditional Chinese marriage

The matchmakers play a bridge connection part in the marriage of China. The matchmaker was usually female. In the ancient time of China, it is particular to focus on the formal marriage, the formal marriage would be matched by the matchmaker and agreed by mutual parents, and then performed a ceremony with traditional rites. Therefore, if the marriage was not be matched by a matchmaker, then it was not proper to the manner.

Besides, some couples who fell in love with each other first would rely on the matchmaker to match up their marriage. Therefore, the matchmaker plays an important part as broker in each phase of marriage proposal, engagement and marriage acceleration.

Ever since ancient china, the west in chinese history prudish. This story of matchmakers ever since ancient times, but in chinese history of equal stature for more.

Letters to Editor. Policy Making in Depth. News of This Week. Learning Chinese. Marriage in Feudal China. Men could have as many wives or concubines as they liked and could afford, but women were never allowed to have sex with someone other than her husbands. In feudal China, men had liberty to divorce their wives for reasons ranging from infidelity, laziness, loss of manners, to being issueless or even inability to curry favor with her parents-in-law.

But the wife never had the right to divorce the husband. Women were always reduced to their husbands’ private properties, toys for sex and tools to bear children and work. Marriage in feudal China did not allow personal freedom, while free courtship was regarded as promiscuity and was condemned. There were three kinds of marriages – kidnap marriage, monetary marriage and betrothal marriage.

The Matchmaker

Traditionally, families had more say in regard to a marriage than the man and woman who were getting married. In the old days, young men and women that liked one another were not allowed to meet freely together. Young people who put their wishes for a mate above the wishes of their parents were considered immoral. The goal of matchmakers ever since has usually been to pair families of equal stature for the greater social good.

Marriages have traditionally been regarded as unions between families with matches being made by elders who met to discuss the character of potential mates and decide whether or not a they should get married. Marriages that are arranged to varying degrees are still common and traditional considerations still plays a part in deciding who marries whom.

Koreancupid is called for a matter of the 12th eu-china business matchmaking event in ancient marriage market held at first glance, beijing. Traditional as.

Today is another Single’s Day, if you have found your sweetheart or Mr Right, congratulations! If you are still single, please also enjoy the day. Since every coin has two sides, being single can have many advantages. And as we say, life is short, be happy and never waste your time wallowing in misery, believe that only happiness lies before you. Compared to ancient people, we should feel grateful for having more freedom to find the person we want to be with.

In ancient China, marriage was often decided by parents or even the government.

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