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The Home Office faces a series of legal challenges over its decision to allow Zimbabwean government officials to interview people from the country who are seeking asylum in the UK. The government was criticised earlier this year for working with the Zimbabwean state to accelerate the removal of asylum seekers after Robert Mugabe was forced from power, despite continuing human rights abuses in the country. Zimbabweans seeking asylum in the UK, who fear persecution by the new government, were asked to attend Home Office centres across the UK, only to find officials from the governement in Harare waiting to question them. Lawyers acting on behalf of one of the applicants, Chishamiso Mkundi, 51, applied for a judicial review after his asylum claim was rejected. Their claims were often rejected on the basis that they were not of sufficiently high profile to come to the attention of the Zimbabwe authorities and thus risk being mistreated on their return. Earlier this year, the high court granted permission for judicial review in a case of another asylum seeker, AG, who challenged the Home Office practice of interviewing asylum seekers whose claims had been rejected, and sharing their information with Zimbabwean government officials. A date for a hearing has been set in February.

Detractors in disarray, desperate after July 31 failure – President

At the time, she was 17 years old. Although she had had sexual relationships since the age of 15, she had been afraid to visit a government health facility for information or contraception services before then. In fact, under Zimbabwean law the age of consent for sexual intercourse is Like Tendai, many adolescent girls whom we spoke to, told us that they were chased from clinics for being too young, despite their need for sexual and reproductive health services and advice, sometimes as the victims of sexual exploitation.

As under Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s contemporary political elite continue to opposition leaders and their supporters dating back to the s and.

A selection of the beads was studied non-destructively by classifying them according to morphological attributes, supplemented by Raman analyses and XRF measurements. It became evident that a morphological classification of beads recovered from sites that include imports into Africa after the seventeenth century AD could be problematic due to apparent morphological similarities between earlier and later beads.

This paper demonstrates the use and archaeological application of Raman and XRF measurements to separate earlier imported beads from later counterparts by identifying glass nanostructure, as well as pigments and opacifiers, which were not used in bead series pre-dating the seventeenth century AD. Results obtained from Raman and XRF measurements indicate that although some beads retrieved from Magoro Hill pre-date the seventeenth century and belong to the Indo-Pacific K2, East Coast, Khami and Zimbabwe series, the largest number of beads is from a later European origin.

This ties in with the settlement history of the site, which suggests that it primarily served as a rendezvous for episodic rainmaking rituals before it became the stronghold and capital of a Venda chiefdom, headed by the Magoro dynasty, in the second half of the eighteenth century AD. A considerable demand for ivory, rhinoceros horn and gold drew foreign traders towards trading centres along the eastern and southern coasts of Africa since earliest times.

Glass beads, which were highly prized by African communities for use as everyday adornment, ceremonial costumes or objects of barter, featured high on the list of imported items that were exchanged for these commodities.

Home Office faces legal cases over Zimbabwean asylum seekers

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CLASSIFIED BY MATERIAL (6) ELSEWHERE CLASSIFIED (8&9) date. Zimbabwe promised to join in this implementation soon thereafter but without giving.

Across the globe, the emergence of complex societies excites intense academic debate in archaeology and allied disciplines. Not surprisingly, in southern Africa the traditional assumption that the evolution of socio-political complexity began with ideological transformations from K2 to Mapungubwe between CE and is clouded in controversy. However, new fieldwork at Mapela Hill, when coupled with a Bayesian chronology, offers tremendous fresh insights which refute this orthodoxy.

Firstly, Mapela possesses enormous prestige stone-walled terraces whose initial construction date from the 11 th century CE, almost two hundred years earlier than Mapungubwe. Thirdly, with a hilltop and flat area occupation since the 11 th century CE, Mapela exhibits evidence of class distinction and sacred leadership earlier than K2 and Mapungubwe, the supposed propagators of the Zimbabwe culture.

Fourthly, Mapungubwe material culture only appeared later in the Mapela sequence and therefore post-dates the earliest appearance of stone walling and dhaka floors at the site. Since stone walls, dhaka floors and class distinction are the essence of the Zimbabwe culture, their earlier appearance at Mapela suggests that Mapungubwe can no longer be regarded as the sole cradle of the Zimbabwe culture.

This demands not just fresh ways of accounting for the rise of socio-political complexity in southern Africa, but also significant adjustments to existing models. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Data Availability: The authors confirm that, for approved reasons, some access restrictions apply to the data underlying the findings.

Progress towards malaria elimination in Zimbabwe with special reference to the period 2003–2015

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Zimbabweans lined up to pay their respects to their former President Robert Mugabe as his coffin lay in Harare’s Rufaro Stadium, Friday.

Political Accidents in Zimbabwe. Just four days later, on 20 August, amid public statements of grief from across the political spectrum, and growing speculation about the cause of his death, Mujuru’s remains were buried at the National Heroes Acre in Harare at a huge state funeral attended by tens of thousands of people. After the ‘inexplicable, horrendous fire accident’ -as Mugabe then described it 1 – there was only a ‘small pile of charred bones and ash’ to be buried, and workers reportedly needed ‘shovels to scrape his remains off the floor’.

In this article, I use Mujuru’s death as way into discussing ‘political accidents’ in Zimbabwe’s recent history, in order to explore the efficacies of rumours and the politics of uncertainty in relation to what I tentatively term the unfinished nature of death in Zimbabwe. This illustrates how, in the context of a long history of factionalism in ZANU PF, rumour and dissent can turn on the indeterminacy of material substances, as much as on, or rather in entanglement with, contested narratives and representations.

The two are of course intertwined. I begin by outlining the main events of Mujuru’s death, and the controversies it provoked, before situating this in a longer history of unresolved ‘political accidents’ in Zimbabwe. While Mujuru’s death was undoubtedly an unusually controversial event in recent Zimbabwean history, and one already subject to academic and popular analysis, 6 it does fit a broader pattern of what I call ‘political accidents’, a particular kind of death that points to the productive and potent, yet often disruptive, duplicitous and excessive indeterminacy that can surround all death.

I return to this below. Factionalism, rivalries and murky business dealings. On 16 August , Zimbabwe’s state-owned daily newspaper, the Herald, announced that 66 year old Solomon Mujuru had died in a ‘suspected fire outbreak at his farm in Beatrice’.

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Going forward, we remain committed to working well with church to advance the national development agenda, as a united people. Those who want to enter the political realm are welcome to do so. The letter resonated with attempts by opposition political parties to attract international spotlight on Zimbabwe after losing the Presidential elections. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Intensively-assisted businesses assisted by BLOs classified as Managed Brokerage BLOs the reference period and the survey date were relatively low. • The high Veall/Zim. % Correct. Model 1.

After leaving political life in Zimbabwe, in he emigrated to Ireland, where he died this past Good Friday. For many years, Mr. Auret led the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace and was at the forefront of documenting atrocities under Prime Minister Robert Mugabe in the s that left more 20, people dead. That era still haunts the present administration as activists press government officials to acknowledge and atone for past human rights abuses. In the post-colonial era they include the murder and attem pted murder of opposition leaders and their supporters dating back to the s and s.

In the early s , under a controversial land reform program, violent farm invasions led to the killing of white farmers by ruling party supporters. After the fall of Mugabe in November , incoming president Emmerson Mngagagwa made commitments to undo the dark past of the human rights violations of his mentor—he had served as vice president under Mr. Instead, human rights monitors say, there has been an escalation of abuse. Political abductions , torture of comedians who poke fun at the regime, shooting of demonstrators , and charges of treason and arrests of journalists all have become daily fare under Mr.

Mngagagwa, according to local media. Rights abuses have only grown more intense as social restrictions engendered by the Covid crisis took hold in recent months. Lockdown violators have suffered under the heavy-handed enforcement by the state security apparatus. Many allege enforcement efforts have been unnecessarily violent and designed to intimidate dissenters, not protect public health. During the Covid crisis human rights monitors say, there has been an escalation of abuse in Zimbabwe.

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By Staff Reporter Apr 27, By Monday morning, as South Africans commemorate Freedom Day under strict Level 5 lockdowns, Mihlali was a top trending discussion on Twitter, with some condemning her views, while others defended her. In South African law, it is a criminal offence for men over the age of 18 to have sexual relations with children under the age of Stan mihlali all you want but she knows there’s a reason she deleted that tweet.

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Chatter in WhatsApp groups became eerily still in an online social landscape where almost half of all internet usage occurs on the messaging platform. Reporters for Chat and other news outlets were told to stay home, in part for their own safety. But much of the country was without access to Facebook, WhatsApp, or mobile network service.

The internet was turned back on when a High Court ruling declared the internet shutdown illegal six days after the first blackout began, but tensions continue to roil dialogues about media freedom in Zimbabwe. The crackdown on social media, in part, is a demonstration of how the WhatsApp corner of the internet has become a powerful space for Zimbabweans. WhatsApp facilitated the spread of misinformation during elections in Brazil and has contributed to caste-based violence and mob killings in India.

But it can also serve as a platform for democratized distribution of news in a country with a storied history of oppressing government critics. Independent media in Zimbabwe are turning to WhatsApp as a primary distributor of news in the midst of an information landscape that is shifting to social platforms. State broadcasters and newspapers have long dominated the media, but alternative platforms began to exist and gain increasing traction in the last years of the Mugabe era.

Zimbabwe, with a population of WhatsApp connections comprise almost half of all Internet usage in the country. D candidate in media at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Each of the outlets that I spoke with is taking a unique approach to sharing news content on WhatsApp.

Mihlali’s views on relationships between teenage girls and older men anger Twitter

The Libraries are resuming limited in-person research activities by appointment only as part of the University’s Research Restart Plan. Learn more about the Libraries’ entry requirements and available services. See also: Zimbabwe news. There is now a free e-newsletter, Broadcast, Film and Convergence with information on the film industry, satellite TV in Africa, etc.

Based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has a high HIV prevalence, with unprotected heterosexual of HIV and improve sexual health by giving people trusted, up-to date.

There are 13 other countries on the list, including Pakistan, Zimbabwe , and Iraq. While Zimbabwe was ordinary, it was also powerfully captivating. Unlike my peers who were mostly going to Britain or Spain, I chose Zimbabwe. And my beloved Zimbabwe has sunk from a promising beacon into an abyss of greed and dictatorship. A few days after graduation from college, I rushed back to Zimbabwe. So a police-boy from the town camp was sent on to escort them, and the Zimbabwe camp notified by runner of their approach.

For one thing, Zimbabwe was evidently connected with a gold industry on a very large scale. There seems little doubt that Zimbabwe was the work of a prehistoric and long-forgotten people.

Post-Mugabe, human rights abuses continue in Zimbabwe. Will Covid-19 make things worse?

A street child stands outside a former Toyota garage where he lives in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, on April 22, After running away from his abusive stepmother last year, Tapiwa turned to sex work to earn a living on the streets. He is one of the rising number of homeless children in a nation crippled by a cash crunch that has led to shortages of fuel and price hikes of basic necessities.

counters continue to bid upwards on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, even if at a time when the existing valuation of the PTC ‘ s assets (dating from mid.

This definition falls in line with that of the Convention. While the Constitution, the Children’s Protection and Adoption Act and the Guardianship of Minors Act cover the general principles, civil rights and freedoms, the main problem has been in implementation. This has been hampered by cultural and religious practices, societal attitudes and parental discipline and control.

The fact that most family issues go unreported has limited the consideration of the general principles, civil rights and freedoms by the legal system. A case in point is the Apostolic Faith sect’s refusal of immunization and curative medical health care for their children. In this regard, difficulties have also been encountered in ensuring that abandoned children and refugee children and orphans are assured identity.

The enforcement of protection of children from harmful information through the appointment of a Censorship Board has remained problematic, as children still have access to censored material from video clubs and even in their homes. No specific provisions are made under the Constitution with respect to children in conflict with the law, but under the law they are afforded fair hearing when charged.

The new Zimbabwe’s first family